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This episode features an interview with Coggo from Melbourne Street Medic Collective on the recent #FloodTheSystem direct action for climate justice. This was an Australian-wide action and Coggo focuses on the Melbourne action, where activists shut down the entrances to Westpac, BHPBilliton and part of the CBD. You can see videos of the action on the No Frontiers Facebook page and Counteract have done a write-up on the event. In the interview with Coggo, he also discusses critiques of climate marches, Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett says he will only tolerate “passive” protests, the importance of direct action and the need for social movements to always encourage people to do more.

stolen land

Pic from @InsurrectNews on Twitter.

Also covered on the episode some analysis of the Paris Climate Agreement, thanks to Alex Whisson and Caroline Smith from RTR92.1FM Indymedia. You can listen to episodes of this show here and you can listen to individual interviews through and Soundcloud. You can also read the full Paris Climate Agreement here. There is also some discussion on Malcolm Turnbull’s (in)action on climate change.

We finish the episode with some points on the science show Cosmos and anti-capitalism.

system change

Pic from @InsurrectNews on Twitter.

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The LurkersWhose Got a Padlock and Chain?’ – see a video of #FloodTheSystem activists singing this during the action, Indymedia – 14/12/15 episode – with Alex Whisson and Caroline Smith, Interview with Coggo from Melbourne Street Medic Collective, Logic ft Muslimah ‘This is our World’.

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*Quote from the Logic song ‘This is our World’, which we finish the episode with.

Image from Melbourne Street Medic Collective.

You can listen to or download part 1 of this episode on here (38MB) and part 2 on here (33MB) or Media Fire here (33MB).

This episode has been released in two parts. Part 1 of this episode has a discussion with Coggo, CJ Wallace and Jazz from the almighty Melbourne Street Medic Collective. We cover the history of the collective, what they’re doing now, experiences with Occupy and police repression, creating alternative institutions to the state, working with other street medics to make their work relevant for activists and activist burnout. Other issues covered on the episode include: travelling, the gift economy, computer use, viewing protest marches as just one of many possible tactics, graffiti for refugees and we encourage people to support Bradley Manning.

Part 2 of the episode has the second part of our interview with Melbourne Street Collective. In this part of the interview, the issues covered include: Occupy Sandy, Occupy and democracy, creating coalitions with different groups around Australia and beyond, and small-scale affinity groups reporting to larger spokescouncils, as a way to ensure greater democracy and put anarchism into practice. In part 2 of this episode, we also encourage people to organise a flash mob in their city, with the help of Reproductive Choice Australia, and we discuss some feedback and additional stories on our 28th episode ‘Beyond Same-Sex Marriage’, including: the word “queer”, hippies, the same-sex marriage campaign attempting to “normalise” queer relationships, “couples privilege” and the French government pledges tougher penalties for homophobia.

Book Recommendation (from part 2):

Chomsky on Anarchism by Noam Chomsky.

Clips (part 1):

Frank Turner ‘The Road’, The Checkout ‘Foxtel’, Star Fucking HipstersDumpster to the Grave’ and ‘Death or Fight’, The Checkout ‘Access vs Ownership’, 5E CommunityI’m Your Medic’, Part 1 of interview with Melbourne Street Medic Collective, Promoe ‘These Walls Don’t Lie’, Coggo’s speech at the #FreeBrad Rally in Melbourne, The Desaparecidos ‘Anonymous’.

Clips (part 2):

Rap News#Occupy2012’, Foeknawledge ‘Knowledge is Key’, Peep Show (Series 1, episode 5), Good RiddanceDefusing the Popular Struggle’, Part 2 of our interview with Melbourne Street Medic Collective, Bob DylanMaggie’s Farm’, The SimpsonsSuper-liminal Recruiting’, Frenzal RhombI Went Out With a Hippy & Now I Love Everyone Except for Her’, Peep Show (Series 3, episode 2), The SoviettesMultiply and Divide’.