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Nick is joined by Luc Brien, former host of Team Earthling (or “Tearthling”) animal rights podcast, to give a recap of the 2017 Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Oceania conference. The episode features a talk from this conference, Esther Alloun: Intersectionality And Its Discontents: Animal Politics In Palestine-Israel. You can listen to the Q and A from this talk here. You can listen to all of the talks from this conference here and each talk is also listed individually below (at the bottom of the show notes for this episode). Thanks to VeganSci for helping out with these recordings!

Also discussed on this episode is activism against horse-drawn carriages in Melbourne as part of the conference. For photos, tweets, posts etc from the conference, check out #ICASOceania2017 on Twitter and Facebook. In order to be notified about future conferences, like/follow ICAS Oceania on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe for email updates from ICAS Oceania. You can also listen to a recap of last year’s ICAS Oceania conference, as well as see links to all of the talks from this conference, on episode 152 of our podcast.

If you’re in Melbourne, come along to the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair! We’ll have an ICAS stall there all day (10am-6pm, 12th August, Brunswick Town Hall) and Nick will be speaking about anarchy and animals with Jess Ison at 5pm: Facebook event page.

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ChumpedUnion Square’, Esther Alloun: Intersectionality And Its Discontents: Animal Politics In Palestine-Israel, 10 Foot PollRachel Corrie’.

Talks from the conference (alphabetised by the speaker’s first name):

Adam Cardilini: Establishing a multidisciplinary vegan research agenda to accelerate animal liberation.

Anarchist Black Cross Melbourne: The Importance of Writing to Political Prisoners.

Belinda Bos: What Does Health At Every Size Mean For Vegan Activism?

Dan Kidby: Speciesist to the Core: Legal Rights and Rationality.

Esther Alloun: Intersectionality And Its Discontents: Animal Politics In Palestine-Israel – played on this episode.

Esther Alloun and Guy Scotton: Q and A.

Guy Scotton: Species, Contract And Domination.

Jess, Nick, Naty and Cee: Femme Panel – Jess’s part is played on episode 185.

Katie Batty: How human overpopulation impacts other animals and what you can do about it – audio, PowerPoint.

Kirsten Leiminger: Mind Your Own Body Business.

Lara Drew: Radical Adult Learning From Below: The Learning Processes of Direct Action Animal Activists.

Luc Brien: Who’s Fake News? You’re Fake News! Media and Information Literacy in Activist Spaces – Luc discusses this topic on episodes 180 and 181.

Nick Pendergrast: ‘They’re calling me a terrorist’ (but they probably shouldn’t): The Social Construction of “Eco-Terrorism” – audio, PowerPoint – played on episode 186.

Nick Pendergrast, Lara Drew and Jess Ison: Veganism, Colonialism and Single Issue Campaigns – you can see Nick’s “pretty” drawing referred to during this workshop here.

Sy Woon: Speciesism – and Inherent Barriers to Ethical Changes and Animal Advocacy – in the Veterinary Industry.

Tara Ward: Licence to kill: how Australia’s new wildlife laws threaten animals and democracy.

Yamini Narayanan: Cow Protectionism And Indian Animal Advocacy, The Fracturing And Fusing Of Social Movements.

*If any of the speakers would like any changes to the way you or your talk is described, or would like any edits to the audio of your talk, or would like to send us your PowerPoint so we can link to it, please contact us.