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This show features speeches from the Melbourne Blak Lives Matter rally – the recording is thanks to 3CR Community Radio. We also discuss how significantly the Black Lives Matter movement has changed public opinion in the US and beyond, drawing on The New York Times article ‘How Public Opinion Has Moved on Black Lives Matter’ by Nate Cohn and Kevin Quealy.

Another topic covered is Australia’s racist history, which included slavery.

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Sesame Street explain Black Lives Matter – we got the audio from Late Night with Seth Meyers, ‘Cornel West Explains the Protests’ – from the Bernie Sanders YT Channel, Speeches from the Melbourne Blak Lives Matter rally – recording from 3CR Community Radio, Jimblah and Ellie May ‘Black Life Matters’.

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Invasion Day

Photo of the Invasion Day rally in Melbourne, from:

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As with our last Social Justice Warrior Happy Hour, on this one we cover a wide range of topics. We start off by giving a recap of the Invasion Day rally in Melbourne, which we promoted on episode 198. You can listen to our recording of a talk from the rally by historian Gary Foley and also check out our 199th episode for discussion on different approaches to Aboriginal activism in Australia.

We also mention Nick’s article ‘Ford’s Attempts to Moderate the CORE of the Civil Rights Movement’, inspired by a recent episode of the podcast Revolutionary Left Radio on the Black Panther Party. There’s a return of the segment ‘Angela Davis ALWAYS Makes Sense’, this time on the Black Panther Party.

The government repression of GetUp! and right-wing conspiracy theories about GetUp! is another topic covered.

We finish the episode by discussing vegans hijacking the #Februdairy campaign from the dairy industry, feminism and dairy, and the Be Fair Be Vegan ad campaign.

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NOFXThe Marxist Brothers’, Angela Davis – interview 1972 – talking about revolutionCamp CopeThe Opener’.


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This episode features politics professor Jason Brownlee on the US election. He discusses: how Trump is getting away with claiming he is challenging the elites; the dangers of a Trump presidency; Trump is not less imperialist than Clinton, despite his claims about rejecting the Iraq invasion; and Trump, Clinton and #BlackLivesMatter. This discussion continues on episode 147.

Also mentioned throughout the episode is: Nick’s article on two-party dominance in Australia, Ward Churchill on police repression in the US and the documentary Herman’s House.

You can hear all of the talks from the 2016 Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania) conference here. We will do a recap of this conference soon – follow our blog and/or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher to be notified once this episode is out.


Rap NewsPresidential Rap Debates: HILLARY vs TRUMP + Jill Stein & Gary Johnson’, The FeedUS Presidential Debate’, The 7.30 Report Interview: Civil rights lawyer Nana Gyamfi, The Dead ZoneThe Missiles Are Flying’, Saturday Night LiveEd Glosser: Trivial Physic’, CNNMothers of the Movement – from the DNC convention’, Dave Stewart, Saul Williams, Nadirah X, Asdru Sierra, Dana Glover, Tina Schlieske and Derrick Ashong ‘Angola 3’.

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