Episode 274: 10 Ears of Making the Same Jokes (including this one)

Posted: December 31, 2021 in Uncategorized
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Us in the early(ish) days of the podcast.

You can listen to this episode above, subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, add us to your favourites on Stitcher and follow us on Spotify. You can also listen to it on Cyber Ears or download it on Archive.org (62mins, 39MB).

We reflect on 10 years of our podcast, including:

  • A slight rebrand of our podcast.
  • How our politics have changed over the last 10 years.
  • Progress for social movements since we started the podcast.
  • The movie Don’t Look Up (Netflix) and responding to climate change.
  • The artists we’ve played the most on the show.
Thanks so much to everyone for listening to our show for any part of the last 10 years! If you’d like a FREE Progressive Podcast Australia iron on patch and/or badge, email us at progressivepodcast AT gmail dot com or message us on social media.

Additional links:


My Brand by Sole and DJ Pain 1; Peep Show ‘Johnson Over For Dinner’ – Series 1, Episode 4; Kath and Kim ‘Come in’; Bezos 2 by Bo Burnham from ‘Inside’ (Netflix); Dumb Things by AB Original and Paul Kelly; I Think You Should Leave, Season 1 – photocopier sketch (Netflix); I Spent the Winter Writing Songs About Getting Better by Proper.

If you enjoy the music we play on our show, check out our Spotify playlist ‘Progressive Podcast Australia Music and Comedy’! Nick also gives daily music recommendations on Twitter @NicksSong and on the Spotify playlist ‘Song of the Day by NicksSong’.

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