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This episode features the talk ‘Experimental Utopias and Social Change: Examples from Australian Non-Hegemonic Activism’ by Dr Theresa Petray and Nick on “just do it” activism in Aboriginal and animal social movements. You can view the PowerPoint presentation for this talk here and it is also embedded below. You can read our journal article on this topic here. This talk was given at a TASA (The Australian Sociological Association) conference – you can hear a recap of this conference on episode 151.

Theresa also joins Nick for the rest of the episode, giving updates on the campaigns for Indigenous Recognition, touching on the Uluru statement, Constitutional Recognition and the article ‘White politicians won’t give us anything willingly. We need collective power’ by Nayuka Gorrie.

Finally, we give some updates on Invasion Day, which we covered last episode #198.

Book recommendation:

No Is Not Enough: Resisting the New Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need by Naomi Klein.

Thanks to Deborah from Go Vegan Scotland and everyone who helped us get to the first goal of our Crowd Funding campaign! We have now retired our “mic stand” of board games and bought a new actual mic stand 🙂 Please help us reach our full goal to help us also buy a new microphone and you can choose the topics we cover on the show in 2018! You can support our campaign here.


Yothu YindiTreaty’ (Original Version), Laura Murphy-Oates on The FeedIndigenous Recognition: How did this debate go off the rails?’, The talk ‘Experimental Utopias and Social Change: Examples from Australian Non-Hegemonic Activism’ by Dr Theresa Petray and Nick, Akala ‘Fire in the Booth – part 1’, Local Resident Failure ‘Where the Bloody Hell Are Ya?’, World/Inferno Friendship SocietyCanonize Philip K. Dick, OK?’.

  1. […] Beth Allan on challenging sexism in animal advocacy and Quinn Eades on imagining the future we want to create. Audio of this entire event is online – you can listen to the session with Leah and Quinn […]

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