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Post SSM poster by Nick Carson

Image by Nick Carson.

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On this episode we’re joined by Sally Goldner, host of Out of the Pan radio show, to discuss queer issues and the queer movement post same-sex marriage in Australia.

More specifically, Sally covers: the importance of addressing transphobia and biphobia; intersections between queer issues and sex work; the queerphobia of Australia’s new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison; and trans representation in movies (in light of the recent controversy of Scarlett Johansson playing a transgender character).

For more on this issue of trans representation, check out the Q and A of the talk ‘Transgender Awareness and The Law’ by Cassie Giudice and the Out of the Pan episode ‘Scarlett covering transphobes working together’. This episode of Out of the Pan also has further analysis from Sally on queer issues and the queer movement post same-sex marriage in Australia.

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Against Me!True Trans Soul Rebel’, Shania TwainMan I Feel Like a Woman’.




You can listen to this episode above and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also listen to this episode on StitcherCyber Ears or download it on (45mins, 35MB).

This episode features Katie’s introduction to queer issues talk for the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT). You can view the PowerPoint for this talk here and both the audio and PowerPoint are embedded below.

For more on trans issues specifically, check out Cassie Giudice’s talk ‘Transgender Awareness and the Law’ – this talk is from the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania 2016 conference. You can listen to all of the talks from this conference here.

Also covered throughout the episode is some further discussion on sex positivity, building on points made on episode 145.

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Green DayKing for a Day’, Katie’s introduction to queer issues talk, Flight of the Conchords ‘If You’re Into It’.

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Image from Ron Paul Delegates.

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We begin this episode by discussing same-sex marriage in Aotearoa (New Zealand), drawing on the article ‘NZ’s Same-Sex Marriage Go-ahead Puts Our Leaders to Shame’ by Steve Dow. We then play our interview with Dani Wright on the way in which even same-sex marriage excludes some people eg intersex people, as well as covering other queer issues beyond same-sex marriage, including homelessness amongst queer youth and trans issues. Dani Wright is Co-ordinator of the Freedom Centre, WA State Director of the National LGBTI Health Alliance and Board Vice-Chair of WA Gay & Lesbian Community Services. We finish the episode by arguing for marriage abolition, drawing on Katie’s article ‘Why I Will Have a Wedding But Not a Marriage’ on Ethical Bride and also the article ‘Why Is There A Law On Marriage?’ by Elle Hardy. Other topics covered include: Offbeat Bride, bisexuality, vegan anti-war Anzac cookies, child soldiers in the UK, neoliberalism in Australia, and an article on vegan cats in the Fremantle Herald (pages 6-7) which features an interview with Nathan Verney on his vegan cat Luna – we interviewed Nathan on this topic on Episode 26.

Book Recommendation:

Getting Bi – Voices of Bisexuals Around the World by Robyn Ochs and Sarah E Rowley.


NZ Parliament Bursts into Maori Song, Maurice Williamson ‘Rainbow Across My Electorate’, Sweeney Todd ‘Ladies and their Sensitivities’, Nick Pendergrast interviews Dani Wright on Perth Indymedia on RTR 92.1FM (22nd April 2013 episode), Foeknawledge ‘Knowledge is Key’, Austin Powers, Bill Hicks ‘Hooligans’, That Mitchell and Webb Sound – Series 3 ‘Friends of Maid Marion’, GoldfingerWalk Away’, Doug StanhopeOn…Marriage, Gay and Otherwise’, Scrubs ‘Season 3’, Against Me! ‘Baby, I’m an Anarchist!’.