Episode 170: ‘Cis or Trans, We’re All in Drag’*

Posted: May 11, 2017 in Uncategorized
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This episode features the talk ‘Transgender Awareness and The Law’ by Cassandra Giudice from Transgender Awareness Australia. This talk was recorded at the 2016 Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS Oceania) conference – you can hear all of the talks from this conference here and you can also hear a recap of this conference on episode 152.

We’re also joined by Lara Drew and Dan Kidby from Veganarchy who discuss the upcoming 2017 ICAS Oceania conference, which will be in Melbourne from the 15th-16th of July. You can hear them discuss their article ‘The lines are being drawn, the case for a divided animal movement’ on our last episode, #169.

There’s also a discussion on 457 visas and a sense of entitlement over “Australian jobs” – reflected in the Labor party’s shocking Australians First ad. Along similar lines but in a US context, sociologist Michael Kimmel links Donald Trump’s success to white male rage and a sense of entitlement over “our jobs”.

This episode is brought to you by “Critical Animal Katherine” – thanks a lot to Katherine for donating to our Crowdfunding campaign! This Crowdfunding campaign is now over but please support the show by sharing our episodes around on Twitter and Facebook – thanks 🙂 

Book Recommendation:

Tranny – Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout by Laura Jane Grace.


Urthboy and Group 120 ‘Jamshed’ – from the album ‘Key of Sea’, War on WomenSecond Wave Goodbye’, the talk ‘Transgender Awareness and The Law’ by Cassandra Giudice, AkalaFire in the Booth – part 1’, Against Me!Norse Truth’.

*This title is a quote from Karen Parker.

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