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HP meme

This is our meme on representations of mental health in the Harry Potter series – see below for links to share it around on social media.

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This episode is all about mental health, drawing on Katie’s personal experiences with mental health issues and Nick’s recent mental health first aid course. We dissect arguments against medication for mental health; discuss Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and mental health (you can share our meme on this, pictured above, on Facebook and Twitter); as well as considering how terms like “able-bodied” and “not societally enabled” fit with mental health.

We finish with some recommendations and advice for people with mental health issues, as well as those who want to be allies. These include: seeking help, Mindfulness meditation, doing a mental health first aid course, trying to normalise mental health issues and reduce the stigma, and avoiding ableist language. For more on mental health, check out the Queer Punx’s mental health special.

Also covered on the episode is Nick’s interview with a slaughterhouse worker, media coverage of Islam compared to Christianity, and shout outs to the Species Barrier podcast and Jeremy @CriticalTransit – follow for sustainable transport info!

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Peep Show ‘Series 8’ – Jez Goes to see a Therapist, Lily Allen ‘Everyone’s At It’, Austin Powers, Daniel Versus the WorldDon’t Be Discouraged’.

You can listen to a short (8 minute) version of this episode, which features our discussion on Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and mental health, below. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.