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The episode features Bede Carmody’s talk ‘Sustainable Activism: How to avoid becoming burnt out as an activist’. You can hear part one of this talk, covering what activist burnout is and why it is an important issue to address, on episode 177. The parts of the talk we play on this episode are on signs of activist burnout and tips for avoiding activist burnout. Bede works full-time for Amnesty International AND also runs A Poultry Place animal sanctuary! We have uploaded the final section of Bede’s talk on tips for avoiding activist burnout here and it is also embedded below.

Here are some additional sources on activist burnout that Bede recommends: flyer on sustainable activism and avoiding burnout by Activist Trauma Support, a 5 Minute Mindful Breathing Exercise (you can also hear Katie discussing mindfulness on episode 92), (which features an article by Bede),, and

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The episode also features some listener feedback on our article on the Animal Justice Party, the Advertising Standards Authority finds that humane milk is a myth and further discussion on the topic of wild animal suffering, which we covered on episode 172. If you’re interested in hearing more on this topic, we recommend Alex Vince’s talk ‘Challenging the Pest Epithet’, from the 2016 Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Oceania conference. Bede’s talk is also from this conference – you can find links to listen to all of the talks from this conference in the show notes for our 152nd episode. We’ve also recently both attended and spoken at the 2017 ICAS conference – we’ll do a recap of that conference next episode and you can also hear the talks we’ve uploaded from this conference here.

TV show recommendation: You’re the Worst.

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The Smith Street Band ft Laura Stevenson & Tim Rogers ‘Run into the World’, Bede Carmody’s talk ‘Sustainable Activism: How to avoid becoming burnt out as an activist’, AkalaTime to Relax’.