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Nick is joined by Ruth, a psychologist, activist and host of the Creating Space Project podcast. We discuss some listener feedback on staying healthy in a sick society, avoiding being a “shooting star” as an activist, Ruth’s environmental activism with Save Ashfield Park – against the West Connex highway development, activism as a privilege and mental health as a political issue. You can hear Katie’s interview on the Creating Space Project, covering her personal experiences with abortion, divisive issues, justice and compassion.

The episode also features part of Bede Carmody’s talk ‘Sustainable Activism: How to avoid becoming burnt out as an activist’. Bede works full-time for Amnesty International AND also runs A Poultry Place animal sanctuary! This part of the talk focuses on defining activist burnout and why it is important, a broad definition of activism, links between activism and mental health issues, the book Aftershock – Confronting Trauma in a Violent World: A Guide for Activists and Their Allies by pattrice jones and we really encourage listeners to check in with how they’re going by completing the activist burnout questionnaire Bede mentioned during his talk. We played the rest of this talk on our following episode #178.

Bede Carmody at his animal sanctuary A Poultry Place.

This talk is from the 2016 Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Oceania conference. You can find links to listen to all of the talks from this conference in the show notes for our 152nd episode. Also a reminder about the 2017 ICAS Oceania conference – the schedule is now up online! You can also hear Nick discussing this conference and ICAS generally on the show Freedom of Species on 3CR radio (9 July episode).

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The Smith Street BandShine’, The Dead Milkmen ‘Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song’, Discussion with Ruth from the Creating Space Project podcast, Bede Carmody’s talk ‘Sustainable Activism: How to avoid becoming burnt out as an activist’, Ruth from the Creating Space Project with B Munday ‘Collateral Damage’.


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