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Protest against the destructive Roe 8 highway development in Perth. Image from @ConservationWA on Twitter.

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On this episode we cover a wide range of topics. We discuss protests against the destructive Roe 8 highway development in Perth. We also use this example to have a broader discussion on militant activism, direct action and a diversity of tactics. For more on this topic, check out Josh Harper’s talk ‘Reinventing Direct Action: Alternatives to Theatrical Militancy’.

We also discuss Edward Snowden; the documentary Citizen Four; the movie Snowden; Obama’s failings on surveillance, whistleblowers and other issues; and the Signal app and PureVPN for secure communication. For more on the issue of privacy and surveillance, check out John Twelve Hawks’s website and book Spark.

Other stuff covered throughout the episode is: the GetUp petition encouraging the government to ‘abandon the crude automated system that is cruelly and incorrectly accusing people of false Centrelink debts’, the article ‘New Expenses Algorithm Just Assumes All Government Ministers Are Misusing Entitlements’, Trump and Russia, taking your money out of the filthy banks, involuntary mindfulness, and Katie misunderstanding punk and hardcore lyrics.

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The image above is from The Disorder of Things. *Shamelessly stolen from the awesome Rap News.

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This episode is all about Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Wikileaks. We start off the episode by discussing Bradley Manning’s trial, drawing on the Guardian and We point out that there have been no deaths due to Manning’s leaks, yet Manning faces a long time in prison, even though those whose crimes he exposed face no charges. We then discuss Wikileaks more generally, analysing the documentary We Steal Secrets, drawing on a review of the documentary by Chris Hedges and corrections on the movie from Wikileaks – these corrections also dispute Nick Davies account of the allegations against Assange.

We also discuss Edward Snowden being granted asylum in Russia, the Conversation’s election fact checker including Bob Carr’s incorrect claim that asylum seekers make up 20% of Australia’s immigration program, the media and others demonising oppressed groups, fighting against all forms of oppression, Vegan Pedicab and Critical Transit podcasts, Australia’s repressive policies towards those coming here by boat harm queer people specifically, as was pointed out by Amnesty International and also at a rally in Melbourne, silence over Manning’s imprisonment from some big gay rights groups but Manning is runner-up as the 2013 San Francisco Gay Pride Grand Marshall.

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