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Image from March in March.

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On this episode we do a recap of the Australia-wide March in March against the Abbott government. We discuss the international coverage of the marches, the lack of Australian media coverage, the positives of bringing a diverse range of issues together, and the next steps for the movement.

We have an interview with Nicola Paris from Counteract about the Summary Offences Act – a new anti-protest bill introduced in Victoria. She discusses activists being removed from parliament as the bill is introduced, how the laws have been introduced in reaction to successful direct action campaigns including the #tunnelpicket actions and anti-coal seam gas mining protests, and the importance of direct action in bringing about change. Nicola is interviewed by Karun Cowper and Alex Whisson from Indymedia and Occupy Perth.

The episode features Katie calling her local Liberal Senator’s office, challenging their use of the term “illegal boats” in relation to asylum seekers. She is informed that the UK is landlocked and the UN just has a sad at everyone. Also covered is the upcoming federal Senate re-election in Western Australia, how now we’ll be accused of being un-Western Australian, as well as un-Australian, Federal Agricultural Minister Barnaby Joyce claims Australia is a classless society, our how-to-vote for the election, Newtown High students question Abbott and join the March in March, Abbott wants knights and dames re-introduced to Australia, and horizontal dancing.

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In this episode we encourage people to get out of their cars and move to alternative forms of transport like walking, cycling and public transport. Ben Rose, convenor of the Sustainable Transport Coalition of Western Australia, joins us to discuss this, the health benefits of getting out of your car, the alternative transport proposals from the various political parties at the upcoming election in Western Australia and an energy calculator to determine the impact of your car travel. On sustainable transport, we also discuss people overestimating public transport time and underestimating car travel time, financial benefits to moving away from car travel, the Critical Transit sustainable transport podcast, the Greens 2029 Bike Plan for Perth, transport and class issues, as well as mentioning that train use has doubled in Perth in the last 8 years – but car sales have also increased in Australia and particularly Western Australia, and Australian cities remain the most car-dependent outside the United States.

We also give some updates on feminism, the topic of our the last two episodes, including criticisms of One Billion Rising, Derrick Jensen’s CD ‘The Other Side of Darkness’ and progressive stand-up comedy from Tien Tran. Beyond sustainable transport and feminism, we play Nick’s talk on Occupy and Animal Rights from the Occupy Perth event Occupy Cottesloe – you can also listen to the package Nick has put together with a range of performances for the day on the 04/03/2013 episode of RTR 92.1FM Indymedia, we discuss Nick’s interview with Anita Creasey on universities running like businesses and how the Australian elections this year will effect students (from the 25/02/2013 episode of RTR 92.1FM Indymedia), Tame Iti (who we discussed on episode 15) has been released from prison…and has gone vegan?, Anti-Flag’s song to benefit Amnesty International, Team Earthling animal rights podcast, The Species Barrier’s episode on growth and the environment, and Katie rants about refugees and points out that asylum seekers living in the community are 46 times less likely to commit crimes than the general population and 24 times less likely than politicians – despite what Liberal party politician Scott Morrison might say.


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