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Katie at Big Sky Sanctuary

Katie with a buddy at Big Sky Sanctuary. The photo is thanks to B – @binvfa on Twitter.

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We’re joined by Naty Guerrero-Diaz, Penny Cameron and Melanie Ellis from Big Sky Sanctuary. Naty discusses the intersectionalfeministabolitionist philosophy of Big Sky Sanctuary, as well as critiques of the vegan movement – including rejecting the idea of bringing veganism into the mainstream, as well as arguing that veganism is just one stop in a long journey for social justice. Penny and Mel discuss the animals at Big Sky Sanctuary, their campaign for a new barn for their sanctuary (which you can donate to – details here) and their heroes, Vine Sanctuary in the US.

You can view our photos from our visits to the sanctuary here and here. It takes a lot of money to take care of all of the animals at Big Sky, so we really encourage people to give a donation if they can – you can find their bank details here. We also encourage people who live in/visit Melbourne to check out Las Vegan!

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Junto ‘Love Your Friends’, Interview with Naty Guerrero-Diaz, Not Right ‘Intersectionality Song’, Interview with Penny Cameron and Melanie Ellis, Malvina Reynolds ‘Little Boxes’, Luc from Team Earthling’s singing skills.

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Images from the CAS conference

The images above feature some of the speakers from the conference (from left to right): Livia Boscardin, Nick Pendergrast, Carolina Trivino and Madison Bycroft. These photos were taken by Katinka Von Luken.

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This episode is all about The Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania 2013 Conference: Animal Liberation and Social Justice, an Intersectional Approach to Social Change. We discuss a bunch of talks from the conference and also play some. We discuss Madison Kate Bycroft’s talk ‘The-animal-stalks-at-five-o’clock: Becoming a new human-animal through sculpture’ and Carolina Trivino’s talk ‘Animal activism in Colombia’. We play Jess Ison’s talk ‘Happy Meat and roaming factory hens: the new neoliberal animal rights’, Livia Boscardin’s talk ‘Our common future’ – developing a non-speciesist, critical theory of sustainability’ (you can view the powerpoint for Livia’s talk here), and Nick’s talk ‘Veganism Enters the Mainstream’ (you can view the powerpoint for Nick’s talk here). You can see links to a whole lot more talks below, which you can listen to online. You can see photos from the conference here (thanks to Katinka Von Luken), including photos of Ghost the dog! Other topics covered on this episode are: Sentience Art Exhibition, racism and animal experimentation in Aotearoa, A Poultry Place no kill sanctuary, Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, our 20th episode that gave practical advice on living vegan, The Vegan Easy Challenge, Team Earthling animal rights podcast, and “hooning” on bikes.


Naj OneNew Dawn Breaking’, Anti-FlagRight On’, LowkeyMy Soul’, Jess IsonHappy Meat and roaming factory hens: the new neoliberal animal rights’, Livia BoscardinOur common future’ – developing a non-speciesist, critical theory of sustainability’, Austin Powers, Nick PendergrastVeganism Enters the Mainstream’, Antagonist AD ‘Show Some Heart (Go Vegan)’.

More Talks that were Recorded at the Conference*:

Colin Salter ‘Animals and War’, Walter Kudrycz ‘Emotional Rescue: Ethics and Animal Liberation’, Steve Garlic ‘Environmental Sustainability, Cognitive Justice, and the Kangaroo‘, Helen Marston ‘A Vicious Circle‘, Frankie Seymour ‘Slavery and Liberation: Implications of Human History for the Emancipation of Animals’, Wilma Davidson ‘Animal Rights – From a Quaker’s Perspective’.

*There are more talks from this conference linked to in the show notes above. If any of the speakers would like any changes to the way you or your talk is described, or would like any edits to the audio of your talk, or would like to send us your powerpoint so we can link to it, please contact us.