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This picture links what is happening in Kobane right now to what happened in Barcelona in the 1930s – you can read more about this link in an article by David Graeber:

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On this episode we cover developments in the autonomous region of Rojava, Kobane/Kobani (in northern Syria). In this region there is both resistance to ISIL/ISIS/IS/Islamic State, as well as experiments in radically democrat organisational forms – particularly from the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party). We’re joined by Andy Fleming, who argues against the ABC’s comparisons between ISIL and 19th century anarchists, as well as explaining the anarchist ideology of some of those resisting ISIL and what we can do to support them. You can read his article on these issues here: ‘In Defence Of Anarchism: Tearing Down The Links To The Butchers Of ISIL’, check out his website, like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @slackbastard. You can also read more about the situation in Rojava by reading articles from David Graeber (who links what is going on in Rojava right now to what happened to the anarchists in Barcelona in the 1930s – as is shown in the picture for this episode), Shannon Brincat and

Also covered on the episode is the international day of solidarity for Kobani (including an action in Melbourne), anarchism does NOT have to mean right-wing (see episode 29, part two for more on this), historian Howard Zinn on anarchist vs state violence, the reality TV show Utopia merges anarchist philosophy and a shitty Big Brother-like format, an upcoming rally for public transport in Melbourne, a new tax on petrol, cars and class, the Foreign Fighters Bill is passed by the Senate, and terrorism “experts” give ISIL hints on using ebola as a terror weapon.

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