Perth rally pic

Photo from the Perth rally against Islamophobia, taken by KIKEI DOT NET:

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On this episode we look at some of the ways in which Australians are resisting Islamophobia. This includes rallies in Brisbane and Perth. We discuss our experiences of being at the Perth rally and play some of the speeches from the rally – including Muslim activist Marziya MohammedaliDavid Fox from the Australian Manufacturers Workers Union, and Katie’s impromptu rant. You can watch all of the speeches from the rally here and you can see photos from it here. There’s also a discussion on online activism against Islamophobia, focusing on the Islamophobia Register Australia, the support they’ve received from non-Muslim Australians, and non-Muslims including journalists wearing head scarves in solidarity.

We also give some updates on the Swan Island Peace Convergence (#SIPC14), which we covered on episode 68. These updates include the brutality they faced at the hands of Australian soldiers being exposed on the 7.30 Report, analysis from CounterAct, responses to common objections to the brutality the faced, and the history behind the convergence. Other stuff covered on the episode is: books for prisoners, our last episode on Islamophobia in Australia gets reviewed by a politics student, and Abbott is booed at the NRL Grand Final. Shout outs to Legally Brown and Fear of a Brown Planet!

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Aamer Rahman#BanTheBurka’, Native DeenMy Faith My Voice’, Legally Brown ‘Season 2, Episode 10’, Speeches from the Perth rally against IslamophobiaMarziya Mohammedali and David Fox, Katie’s speech from the Perth rally against Islamophobia, Austin Powers, Abbott booed at NRL Grand Final, Nazeem HussainAlcohol’, LogicFor My People’.

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