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This episode is all about activism against the Abbott government as well as activism more generally. We have an interview with Andrew Kelly on the #tunnelpicket protest movement against a new road development in Melbourne that will destroy communities and privilege road travel over public transport. You can find out more about this campaign and how to get involved through the website and The ‘No East-West Tunnel’ Pledge Facebook page. You can find out more about the issue of sustainable transport on our 25th episode. We also have an interview with Helen Cox from Plan to Thrive on sustainable activism, avoiding activist burnout, recovering from an Abbott victory, the importance of activists building support networks and community care.

Beyond the interviews, we discuss the importance of unionism in resisting Abbott’s attacks against workers, Nick’s meme ‘Oskar Schindler was a People Smuggler’, pro-refugee graffiti, the refugee rally ‘Stop Abbott Not the Boats’ (thanks to Left and Correct podcast) and B’s run to raise money for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. We also cover some environmental and animal rights news and activism. We discuss calls for repressive new laws targeting animal activists in Australia, Luc’s meme on “eco terrorism”, the new Climate Council, dog fighting in Aotearoa, linking opposition to dog fighting to other forms of animal oppression, Banksy’s animal-themed display, Animal Liberation Victoria’s ‘Animals Are Not Ours’ silent demonstration, Katie’s animal activism in Geneva, saddest slaughterhouse video ever shows no blood or slaughter, Team Earthling’s 100th episode,, Veganomicon cookbook, and living healthy and vegan while on a low income. Other stuff covered on the episode was: the Ozpodcast Directory, Phonebloks by @davehakkens, Reclaim the Night, consent, stereotypical activists, Palmer United and the Australian Motorists Enthusiasts party form an alliance in the Senate, possums fight back against Abbott, the upcoming event in Perth ‘What’s Next for the Australian Left?’ and the Profits of Doom documentary. Once again we discuss ‘What’s Grinding Our Gears This Week’ – this time it’s the Abbott government’s cuts to Centrelink (the Australian government’s welfare agency).

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