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on bullshit jobs

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Nick is joined by sustainable transport advocate Jeremy Mendelson from Critical Transit and Transit Matters podcasts for the entire episode. We discuss: national politics, Bernie Sanders, Jeremy’s experience with 9-5 work, trying to escape the 9-5, anthropologist David Graeber on bullshit jobs, The Happy Movie, living vegan on a low income, the new four (vegan) food groups and basic income.

You can hear Nick on Critical Transit podcast discussing sustainable transport and how it relates to issues such as class, justice and animals. You can also hear Nick and Katie on episodes 7 and 8 of Jeremy’s other podcast, Politicized.

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This episode gives practical advice on how to live vegan, including eating healthy without any animal products and also other actions we can take for animals beyond diet. We play Nick’s talk ‘Living Healthy and Cruelty-Free’ from the 2012 Cruelty Free Festival. You can view the powerpoint for this talk here and you can view the article based on this talk, with links to further information, here. We also discuss some of our favourite meals and smoothiesvegan products, the new four food groups, exercising,, the CD ‘The Workout’ by Stic from Dead Prez, Living Vegan magazine, and The Vegan Easy Challenge. Before we get onto the practical aspects of living a healthy vegan lifestyle, we play Nick’s interview and discuss Lyn MacLaren’s comment on live export, the number of animals in Australia killed in live export compared to in other industries – as was done on the Team Earthling podcast, plus dairy, eggs and honey.

Other issues covered on the episode include FBI repression of the Occupy movement and other social movements, Nick’s Twitter fight with Scot MacDonald – Liberal Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council, the South African government makes support for Israel boycott its official policy, and the Idle No More movement.

Book Recommendation:

Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World by Bob and Jenna Torres


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