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Our picture of the #LetThemStay banner drop at the Melbourne Arts Centre.

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On this episode we give some updates on the #LetThemStay campaign, which calls for refugees to remain in Australia rather than being forced into offshore detention. We mainly focus on a recent #LetThemStay banner drop at the Melbourne Art Centre. We play an interview with Gaye Demanuele on this action (embedded below) and Coggo from the Melbourne Street Medics (also embedded below) discusses this action, as well as how the Brisbane health care workers refusing to release babies back to the harm of offshore detention are upholding their duty of care.

Also covered throughout the episode is: the statement from the two activists who did the banner drop, defending the effectiveness of the action despite critiques and shitty media coverage, extending the compassion for children to highlight the problems of ALL mandatory detention and offshore processing, similarly extending concern for a dolphin killed for selfies to more widespread animal abuse, the successful campaign to send child abuse survivors to confront Cardinal Pell and we encourage people to like/follow WACA (Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance) on Facebook and Twitter.

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Missy HigginsOh Canada’, Interview with Gaye Demanuele, Interview with Coggo from the Melbourne Street Medics, Tim MinchinCome Home (Cardinal Pell)’.

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*Quote from our interview with Gaye Demanuele.