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Our friendly neighbourhood brothel.

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On this episode we discuss Nick’s trip to our friendly neighbourhood brothel and reflect on our evolving views on sex work generally.

For more on sex work, you can listen to our previous episodes on the topic here (we’d particular recommend our interview with Jane Green and Cameron Cox, who are both sex workers). We also recommend the show You Can’t Ask That: Sex Workers and the article ‘Let’s not abolish sex work. Let’s abolish all work’.

Nick recently attended the ‘Development for Species: Animals in society, animals as society’ conference. You can listen to Nick’s talk from this conference: ‘Intersectionality, Integrationist Social Change and PETA’s Animal Advocacy’ – audio, PowerPoint.

On the episode we also read some of an article from the Chaser Quarterly on male feminists.

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M.I.A.Bad Girls’ – inspired by Manal al-Sharif; Bad Cop, Bad CopI’m Done’; Silicon Valley ‘Series 4, Episode 7’ – ‘Erlich Bachman Mansplaining’.