Episode 279: What is this Reggie? The Politics of I Think You Should Leave

Posted: August 15, 2022 in Uncategorized
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I love this show, yes I do!

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Nick is joined by fellow super-fan Lottie to discuss the sketch comedy show I Think You Should Leave (Netflix). We discuss the politics of the show, focusing on Lefty politics in the fandom, gender and representation. We also cover some of our favourite sketches from Season 2, including Can’t Drive (our biggest disagreement in our rankings), Brian’s Hat (Lottie’s favourite) and Gimme Dat (Nick’s favourite).

Also covered on the episode is Season 1 versus Season 2 of ITYSL, the Billy Bob Thornton interview that inspired the Detective Crashmore sketch and the Andy Kaufman connection with ITYSL fans – for more on Kaufman check out the movie Man on the Moon and the documentary Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (Netflix).

See below for our combined rankings of all of the season 2 sketches (ranked from our least favourite at the top, down to our combined favourite at the bottom) – you can see our individual rankings on our blog progressivepostings.wordpress.com:

21. Mars restaurant

21. Capital room

21. Tammy Craps

21. Triples are best

20. Little buff boys (2 parts)

19. Claire’s Ear-Piercings

18. Massive dumps

17. Can’t drive

15. Calico cut pants

15. He can hit

14. Blues Brothers

13. Can’t skip lunch (2 parts)

12. Big wave

10. Ghost tour

10. Tables

9. Karl Havoc

8. Coffin flop

5. I’m not paying

5. Dan Flashes (2 parts)

5. Jamie Taco

4. Gimme dat

3. Detective Crashmore (2 parts)

2. Brian’s hat

1. Piece of shit

You can join in the Twitter thread where we debate the best sketches from season 1 and 2.


Various clips from season 1 and 2 of ITYSL (Netflix), Details of text messages emerge in Mark McGowan-Clive Palmer defamation hearing – 7NEWS.

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  1. […] You can see our combined season 2 rankings and hear us discuss some of our favourite sketches from season 2 on the Progressive Podcast Australia episode ‘What is this Reggie? The Politics of I Think You Should Leave’. […]

  2. […] Episode 279: What is this Reggie? The Politics of I Think You Should Leave […]

  3. […] Episode 279: What is this Reggie? The Politics of I Think You Should Leave […]

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