Episode 261: Is The State Inherently Violent?

Posted: January 28, 2021 in Uncategorized
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We discuss violence and the state, as well as bringing you some speeches from the Invasion Day rally in Melbourne – Kulin Nations.

One thing we didn’t do was define the state but what we are talking about there is not just the government but also the police, prison system, court system etc. We discuss the broader definition of violence in the context of family violence and whether or not it can be applied to the state generally and prisons specifically.

The speeches we play from Invasion Day are by Greens politician Lidia Thorpe and historian Gary Foley. This audio is from 3CR Community Radio and you can listen to the full rally via the 3CR website.


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AB Original with Thelma PlumI C U’, Invasion Day recording from 3CR Community Radio, The Juice Media: Honest Government Ad ‘Cashless Welfare Card’, Ramshackle GloryExploration of Coercion in Everyday Life’.

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