Episode 248: Pop Culture and Animal Rights – Carnage is a Game Changer, Featuring Roger Yates

Posted: June 5, 2020 in Uncategorized
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You can listen to this episode above, subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and add us to your favourites on Stitcher. You can also listen to it on Cyber Ears or download it on Archive.org (70mins, 56MB). *If anyone has any issues with the audio on this episode, our guest Roger Yates has added a re-edited version to Archive.org.

Nick is joined by Roger Yates – a sociologist, activist with The Vegan Information Project and host of The Animal Rights Show. They discuss the utopian animal rights mockumentary Carnage and The Game Changers Netflix documentary, on athletes eating a plant-based diet.

Other topics discussed include: animal rights versus animal welfare, language and social justice, and sociology versus psychology. This episode is a continuation of a discussion between Roger and Nick over on Freedom of Species, which you can listen to here.

We finish the show by discussing the Black Lives Matter protests in the US, the radical flank effect, and parallels with police racism in Australia and media coverage of the Dominion Animal Liberation disruption.

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NOFX ‘The Marxist Brothers’, IdlesI’m Scum’, The Style Council ‘Bloodsports’.

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