Let me die at home

Photo from an anti-live export rally in Perth – an example of the nationalistic focus of the campaign.

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In light of the recent industry-imposed live export (very partial) ban, this episode features the talk ‘An Anarchist Analysis of the Campaign Against Live Animal Export’ by Jess Ison and Nick. In this talk, we critique the campaign based on anarchist, anti-racist and animal liberation perspectives. This talk was recorded at the 2018 Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair and you can see links to all of the sources referred to in the description of the talk on archive.org – you can also hear the full talk including a section from Lara Drew at that link.

For more on connections between animal liberation and anarchism, check out episode 202 and you can also hear about the Fast for Freedom mentioned in the talk on episode 192 and listen to episode 131 for more on mental health and animal advocacy.

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AJJNow that I’m at the top of my game’; Talk ‘An Anarchist Analysis of the Campaign Against Live Animal Export’ by Jess Ison, Lara Drew and Nick; Anti-FlagRacists’.

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