Episode 213: Privileged White People on the Road Again

Posted: September 22, 2018 in Uncategorized
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Dear White People

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Katie is back for this episode and we discuss the Netflix show Dear White People, as well as ethical sneakers and ethical travel. Katie recommends Newton sneakers for the most ethical option if you’re buying new sneakers – according to Shop Ethical. Although since Katie bought these, she found an even better option – fair trade sneakers at Vegan Wares.

We also bring you some of the talks from the Community as Activism event that we discussed on episode 211, including Leah Avene on privilege, Beth Allan on challenging sexism in animal advocacy and Quinn Eades on imagining the future we want to create. Audio of this entire event is online – you can listen to the session with Leah and Quinn ‘Building Community – Lessons from a Range of Movements’, the session with Beth ‘Transformative Justice and Me Too’ and also the session ‘Intersectionality In Practice’ – featuring Nick and others.

Some of the other things touched on throughout the episode are: the movie BlacKkKlansman, Will Potter and Ward Churchill on state repression of activists, Nick’s article on different factions within the civil rights movement, Revolutionary Left Radio on the Black Panther Party, hip hop etc, and our take on the anti-psychiatry movement/concept.

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Me First and the Gimme GimmesOn the Road Again’, The IT CrowdJen’s New Shoes’, Leah Avene from the session ‘Building Community – Lessons from a Range of Movements’, Beth Allan from the session ‘Transformative Justice and Me Too’, Ramshackle GloryWe are all Compost in Training’, Quinn Eades from the session ‘Building Community – Lessons from a Range of Movements’.

If you enjoy the music we play on our show, check out our Spotify playlist ‘Progressive Podcast Australia Music and Comedy’!


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