Episode 164: Blairxitting Brexit? Featuring the House of Lord(Voldemort)s

Posted: March 7, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Kirsten Bayes and Katie in our “studio” for this interview.

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On this episode we are joined by Kirsten Bayes, who discusses Blair and Brexit, ongoing racism in the UK and the importance of progressive movements setting a positive agenda rather than being reactive. This discussion will continue next episode and you can hear Kirsten discuss Brexit on our show previously on episode 139.

We saw this article on Brexit and racism on the tube in London – see the link below for more pics from our trip to the UK.

We also discuss our trip to the UK – you can view some photos from our trip here. We focus on London and Edinburgh, and specifically we cover the Spotify playlist for our podcast that we created while we were away, doctors vs “doctors”, the seagulls are loose, inequality in Scotland and private gardens, getting shit-faced, doing the graveyard shift, they get their news 3 days late in Scotland, Edinburgh comedy and Barnaby the rich homophobe, and vegan/vegan-friendly restaurant recommendations for Edinburgh: NovaPizza Vegetarian Kitchen, Affogato and The Caffeine Drip. See Katie’s photos and reviews on Happy Cow for more.

We thought that these private gardens were a good example of inequality in Scotland – see the link above for more pics from our trip to the UK.

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Frank Turner ‘I Am Disappeared’, Bill Hicks ‘Hooligans’, Discussion with Kirsten Bayes, Dark Place ‘Night in Glasgow’, The Real McKenziesSmokin Bowl’.


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