Episode 6: Humane Animal Slaughter in Australia and Beyond?, Valentine’s Day “Love Songs”

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

You can download this episode on MediaFire here.

This episode focuses on the concept of humane animal slaughter in Australia and beyond. We talk about Australian slaughter being exposed on Lateline and play Nick’s radio interview on this topic. We thank the Angry Hippie’s for giving us a shout out and encourage everyone to check out that podcast to stay informed and outraged! We also play Nick’s talk ‘Live Export, Humane Slaughter and Animal Rights’ from the 2011 Cruelty Free Festival – you can view the powerpoint for this talk here. ‘Karl Pilkington Makes Sense’ once again – this time on the issue of “happy” meat/animal products. We finish the podcast on a lighter note, with some political “love songs” for Valentine’s Day.

Book recommendation:

Making a Killing by Bob Torres


Lateline ‘Abattoir shut down over cruelty concerns’, Shelter ‘Civilized Man’, Lagwagon from the album ‘Live in a Dive’, The Angry Hippie’s Podcast ‘Episode 65‘, Nick Pendergrast ‘Live Export, Humane Slaughter and Animal Rights’, The ChaserAnimal Right’, Animal Voices ‘Interview with Jonathan Balcombe’, Ricky Gervais podcastPortlandiaIs the Chicken Local?’, Propagandhi “Human(e) Meat’, Anti-Flag ‘Youth and Tear Gas’, Jamaica Plain ‘Love’.

  1. Eric says:

    I always get confused when I see the ASPCA commercials because they never show slaughterhouse footage. Am I being more cruel to a animal or a human if I beat them up or if I kill them? Oh, you shouldn’t worry about the Jews the Nazis are only killing them, lets worry about jerry who got beat up yesterday at school. This seems like an absurd analogy but it isn’t because it is deciding which humans are to be seen as “real humans” and which are not, compared to which animals are “real animals” and which are not. We are are all humans and there are no such things as “real animals.”
    Oh and it sucks that you had problems with posting your videos, I suspect the FBI (just joking, classic anarchist paranoya humor).

  2. haha yeh blame the FBI for everything and you’ll definitely be right some of the time!

    great to hear that like us you care about both human AND non-human animals.

    you might be interested in the connections between anarchism and veganism – although obviously not all anarchists are vegans, there are a much higher proportion than any other political ideology:


    thanks for getting in touch,

  3. Carolyn says:

    Great podcast! Thanks for being such a strong and rational voice for other animals and their rights, in Australia!

  4. Thanks a lot Carolyn!!

    Likewise with you on AR Zone =)


  5. […] activism – from Adbusters. 3. Go Vegan for reasons such as the complex lives of farm animals and opposing animal slaughter. We also encourage people who are already vegan to do vegan mentoring and change to Cruelty Free […]

  6. […] ‘Dennis the Constitutional Peasant’, Howard Sattler “mash up” from interviews with Nick on humane slaughter and horse meat, Sam Wainwright and Scott Ludlam from the Now That’s a Party event, True […]

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