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The episode title is taken from this album from The Lawrence Arms.

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We discuss the constant tension in activism and life generally of feeling like you’re not doing enough versus way too much. We also cover advice on getting on top of your email inbox, playing the metaphorical keyboard and nonsensical analogies about call out culture.


Us saying fuck off to 2020. If you haven’t already had enough of 2020, you can check out a bunch of comedy recaps of the year, such as The War on 2020 by The Chaser (YouTube), Death to 2020 by the Black Mirror creators (Netflix), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell Pagan Holiday Special (ABC iview) and The Yearly With Charlie Pickering 2020 (ABC iview).
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  • The health risks of drinking alcohol even at low levels – see and the video below for more on this. This discussion on alcohol is a continuation from our discussion on the topic on episode 254.

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Malcolm Tucker: “I’ve got a to-do list…” – from The Thick Of It, The Lawrence ArmsI’ll Take What’s In The Box, Monty’, Blackadder ‘Series 4Series 4Series 4’, LowkeyIn My Lifetime’, Frank TurnerMy Kingdom For A Horse’.

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