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Image from Amnesty International Australia.

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To help us give a human rights perspective on the crisis occurring right now in the Central African Republic, we’re joined by Michael Hayworth – Crisis Response Coordinator for Amnesty International Australia. Michael discusses the war crimes occurring in the Central African Republic, similarities to the genocide in Rwanda, and Amnesty’s campaign against these human rights abuses. We have a return of the segment ‘What you HAVEN’T learnt from the media this week’, discussing ABC radio obsessing over electoral politics in Australia (including recently revealing that Malcolm Turnbull had dinner with Clive Palmer and that he ordered a soup), while neglecting important international issues like the violence in the Central African Republic. You can watch our Youtube song on this: ‘Malcolm Turnbull’s Soup’. We also encourage people to see where they sit on the Global Rich List, we play Coggo’s speech from outside the UK embassy – this was part of the record breaking protest that we covered on episode 57, discuss text messages being banned in the Central African Republic, and we encourage people to watch John Green’s video explaining the crisis.

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(Not so) Alternative Media Recommendation:

The Guardian who have had lots of coverage of the crisis in the Central African Republic and other issues that are generally neglected by other mainstream media outlets, such as drones. We’re going to discuss drones on our next episode.


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You can listen to a short (8 minute) version of this episode, which is Katie’s interview with Michael Hayworth from Amnesty International, here: Amnesty International On Violence In The Central African Republic. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.