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On this episode we play our talk ‘Intersectionality in Practice’, where we discuss our efforts to promote an intersectional approach to animal advocacy with Animal Rights Advocates (ARA). You can view the powerpoint presentation for this talk here. This talk is from the last Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania (ICAS) conference – you can listen to more talks from this conference on episode 54. You can also hear Nick’s talk on live export from this conference, which was played on Team Earthling and Freedom of Species. Also check out the upcoming ICAS Oceania conference in Melbourne.

We also discuss our efforts to bring an intersectional animal rights message to the March Australia movement against the Abbott government. You can read ARA’s statement in support of the March Australia movement here. Also covered on the episode is a lack of intersectionality in Patricia Arquette’s comments on feminism at the Oscars.

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