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Photo of Nick and our dog Moo Moo.
Moo Moo helping out Nick in the studio.

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Katie celebrates her 15 year veganniversary and we discuss how we transitioned to veganism, veganism becoming more popular in recent years – overtaking vegetarianism in many ways, Happy Cow’s top 10 vegan-friendly cities in the world and finally, challenging ableism within activist movements.

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NOFX ‘The Marxist Brothers’, Animal liberation by Los Fastidios, Get off on the pain by Weezer, Flames by MOD SUN ft Avril Lavigne, I am Disappeared by Frank Turner.

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icas pic

Lara, Dinesh, Jess and Naty from ICAS (from left to right)

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On this episode we do a recap of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Oceania 2015 conference, which we recently attended in Melbourne. We discuss what ICAS stands for, give an overview of some of the critical discussions about the mainstreaming of veganism within capitalism that were a common theme of the conference, and we investigate a question that was raised during the conference – where are the animals in Critical Animal Studies?

We play Celeste Liddle’s talk on Aboriginal Feminism and Intersectionality. Celeste Liddle is the NTEU National Indigenous organiser and a freelance commentator – be sure to follow her on Twitter @Utopiana and check out her blog:

We mention our talks from the conference, Katie’s talk ‘Getting Trigger Happy With Trigger Warnings. Mental Health, (dis)ability And Activism‘ – played on episode 131 and Nick’s, ‘Veganarchism‘ – played on episode 134. We also discuss some of our favourite talks from the conference including:

See below for links to more talks. You can view photos from this conference here and you can hear talks from last year’s ICAS Oceania conference on our 54th episode. You can also view some pics from the Prog Podcast meet-up we had in Melbourne here.

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Chumbawamba ‘Dutiful Servants and Political Masters’, Celeste Liddle’s talk on Aboriginal Feminism and Intersectionality, Good RiddanceA Credit to his Gender’.

More talks that were recorded at the conference (alphabetised by the speaker’s surname) – see the show notes above for links to more talks:

If any of the speakers would like any changes to the way you or your talk is described, or would like any edits to the audio of your talk, or would like to send us your powerpoint so we can link to it, please contact us.

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