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Image based on page 4 of the Wynes and Nicholas article linked to below.

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Nick is joined by Adam Cardilini to discuss the movie Don’t Look Up (Netflix) and compare individual actions for the climate commonly promoted in the environmental movement with scientific research on the most effective actions. We do this by discussing the actions promoted on the website and the following scientific article: Wynes, S. and Nicholas, K. A. 2017. The climate mitigation gap: education and government recommendations miss the most effective individual actions. Environ. Res. Lett., 12(7), 1-9.

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Animal liberation by Los Fastidios, Clip from Don’t Look Up (Netflix), Union speaker Luke on just transitions for fossil fuel workers – from the Climate Crisis National Day of Action event in Melbourne, The Voracious March of Godliness by Bad Religion, Work-Rest-Play-Die (live) by Subhumans.

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