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This episode features Celeste Liddle’s International Women’s Day Address, recorded at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre. Some of the points her talk covers include:

  • Celeste’s upbringing and how it has informed her politics today.
  • Intersectionality.
  • Women’s liberation is just a start, same with all other causes.
  • We should liberate the most vulnerable rather than trickle down social justice.
  • Choice is linked to privilege.


For more information on this talk and for a recording that includes the whole talk and the Q and A after the talk (covering topics such as education in schools on Indigenous issues, disabilities in Indigenous communities and self-care for Women of Colour), see here. You can also view the text of this talk here.

Be sure to check out Celeste’s blog, follow her on Twitter @Utopiana and like her Facebook page. You can also hear another talk from Celeste on our 108th episode.

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