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If you were planning on kayaking through the streets of Brisbane this week, you’re out of luck. Kayaks are one of the things that are banned in central Brisbane during the G20.

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This time we take aim at the agenda of the Brisbane G20 Summit of world leaders and discuss some of the protests against it. We play an interview with Robin Taubenfeld of BrisCAN-G20 on their Peoples Convergence and march opposing the G20. Robin is interviewed by Karun Cowper from Indymedia on RTR92.1FM. If you’d like to get involved in G20 protests and alternative events, including attending/volunteering/donating, go to

We also discuss the police state measures introduced for the meeting, including additional police with extra powers (that threaten the right to protest and have been justified partly due to concerns about terrorism), Big Brother-like surveillance technology in place, and some bizarre banned items. To find out more about the additional police powers during the G20, you can listen to this episode of the Radio National show Big Ideas. We also go through the first G20-related arrest and protest, billboards from activist groups being banned (you can sign a GetUp! petition against this) and a farmer resorting to using his own field for his pro-environment message for the G20, Amnesty’s petition pushing for a greater focus on combating ebola at the meeting, and vegan omelettes.

There are also some updates on our last episode, including 36,000 people in Japan signing a petition calling for misogynist pick-up artist Julien Blanc not to be allowed into the country. Shout out to Indymedia Australia.

*update: we do a recap on the G20 and some of the protests against it on episode 75.

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Rap News ‘G20 Rap with Tony Abbott – feat. Scott Ludlam [RAP NEWS 29]’, Robin Taubenfeld interview, Rap News ‘G20 Rap with Tony Abbott – feat. Scott Ludlam [RAP NEWS 29]’.

You can listen to a short (7 minute) version of this episode, which features some of our discussion on the huge police operation in place for the G20 to restrict protests, here: Enjoy the G20, Leave Your Kayak at Home. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.