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On this show we are very excited to be joined by Nichole and Callie from a fav podcast of ours, Bitchy Shitshow! We discuss identity politics including the origin of the term, Bernie Sanders and his changing views on identity politics, and even an IDpols-themed joke! Make sure you check out Bitchy Shitshow podcast on your favourite app, connect with them on social media and subscribe to their Youtube channel!

At the start of the show we’re joined by “irregular guest” Emil Raji to give a quick update on Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate.

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NOFX ‘The Marxist Brothers’, The Jimmy Dore Show ‘Biden Pick His VP — KAMALA Is A Cop’, LOWKEY FT. MAI KHALIL ‘DEAR ENGLAND’, Bernie & Killer Mike: 2020, Democracy Now! ‘How Bernie Sanders changed his views on identity politics’ – you can also see a longer version of this interview, CursiveBarricades’.

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