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Comedian Aziz Ansari mocked Rupert Murdoch for the anti-Muslim comments he made after the Charlie Hedbo attacks. Image from The Young Turks.

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On this episode we discuss terrorism, Islamophobia, free speech and Charlie Hedbo. We discuss the way Rupert Murdoch was mocked by comedian Aziz Ansari and writer JK Rowling (and so many others!) for the anti-Muslim comments he made after the Charlie Hedbo attacks. We also read comedian Aaamer Rahman’s great article ‘Fears escalate as more young Australians enlist in overseas terror campaign’, which flips the roles in discussions around terrorism and who has to condemn it. For more on these issues, check out Nick’s article ‘When Will Moderate Whites Condemn the NAACP Bombing?’.

We also mention Aamer Rahman’s criticisms of Iggy Azalea and have a discussion on her hip hop, analysed through the lens of race, gender and class. Other stuff covered on the episode is: our 2014 Annual WordPress Report, New Internationalist’s 2015 diary, the market vs the environment (in cartoon form!), terrorism and increasing state powers, and criticisms of the I’ll Ride With You campaign.

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