Episode 237: The Country is on Fire and Thoughts and Prayers Won’t Do

Posted: January 6, 2020 in Uncategorized
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Image from @roweafr on Twitter – editorial cartoonist for the Australian Financial Review.

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This episode covers the devastating fires all around Australia and the political and media response.

It is a Social Justice Warrior Happy Hour Summer Special on 3CR Community Radio 855AM.

Overview of the crisis:

The latest on the NSW and Victorian bushfires’ (article on news.com.au).

Kate Ng ‘Australia wildfires: Half a billion animals and plants killed as glaciers turn black’ (article on the Independent).

Calla Wahlquist ‘Falls Festival at Lorne cancelled due to extreme heat, amid mounting bushfire threat’ (article on the Guardian).

Charis Chang ‘Former fire and emergency chiefs will host emergency summit about unprecedented bushfires’ (article on news.com.au).

Air quality ‘Very Unhealthy’ in Melbourne CBD (according to data from the Environment Protection Authority Victoria – 3rd Jan).

Government Response:

Scotty from Marketing: ‘Let’s live optimistically’ (tweet with articles from Scott Morrison).

Mexie ‘Our World’s on Fyre (ft. BlackGoat666)’ (video on Youtube).

Nick’s Facebook post on comments by the Fire Brigade Employees Union NSW and the incompatibility of neoliberalism and preventing and responding to this crisis.

Amy Remeikis ‘Volunteer NSW firefighters to be compensated, government says’ (article on the Guardian).

Media Response:

Nick’s article ‘Insiders, Outsiders: Media And Climate Change And Repeating, Without Question’ on newmatilda.com.

Amanda Meade ‘The Australian: Murdoch-owned newspaper accused of downplaying bushfires in favour of picnic races’ (article on the Guardian).

Picture from the Guardian article by Amanda Meade linked to above.

Take Action:

Protest: Victoria is burning! This is a climate emergency.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj ‘How To Survive 2020’.

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NOFX ‘The Marxist Brothers’, The Juice Media ‘Honest Government Ad – 2019 Election’, Frank Turner ‘21st Century Survival Blues’, Onsind ‘Never Trust a Tory’, Anti-Flag ‘Underground Network’.

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