Episode 209: Holistic Activism – Connecting with others in a Spiritual (or Non-Spiritual) Way

Posted: July 4, 2018 in Uncategorized
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We’re joined by Mark Allen who discusses his holistic approach to activism that he has developed through being active in a range of social movements for many years.

According to his zine on holistic activism, this approach provides ‘some ideas about how we can reduce conflict among activists, create campaigns that are long lasting, reach out and connect with people who have different values to that of our own and work towards a meaningful shift in paradigm.’

You can contact Mark at themindfulactivist@gmail.com and join the Facebook group ‘Holistic Activism and Behaviour Change’ to learn more and contribute to discussions on the topic.

Cognitive Dissonance

Mark will be running a workshop on holistic activism at the Students of Sustainability conference in Melbourne on Saturday the 7th of July at midday. The conference runs from the 6th – 12th of July and will also feature the workshop ‘Achieving environmental liberation through animal liberation’ that Nick will be co-running with Adam Cardilini on Sunday the 8th of July, from 3.30-5pm.

Other updates/events covered on the show are: Trivia for the Animals, a winter update from the Bird and Exotic Animal Clinic and the EAGxAustralia 2018 effective altruism conference in Melbourne (we covered the idea of effective altruism on episodes 142 and 143).

This episode is replayed from Freedom of Species, an animal advocacy show on 3CR community radio, which Nick now regularly hosts. This show is broadcast live on 855AM in Melbourne 1-2pm every Sunday and if you’re outside of Melbourne you can listen in live 1-2 Melbourne time/AEST on 3cr.org.au – the show is also on iTunes. You can listen to all of the episodes that Nick has been on here.

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