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Sick of hearing about President Trump? Us too…so here is some more Trump coverage! We discuss the election result and the importance of the Left moving beyond ‘progressivism of the rich’.

To analyse the election and the fall-out, we draw on Naomi Klein, Thomas Frank, Bernie Sanders and Russell Brand.

There’s a discussion of left-wing critiques of identity politics and an anarchist defence of identity politics – thanks to Rebecca from Anarchist Affinity. For more on identity politics, check out our 117th episode.

There’s also a breakdown of who voted for which party based on race, income etc.

For more of our coverage of the election, check out our recent posts on Facebook and Twitter.


Morrissey ‘America is not the World’, LazertitsBoss Bitch’, South ParkKumbaya My Lord’, Russell Brand The TrewsTrump. Right. Okay, the world’s gone nuts (E372)’, B. DolanWhich Side Are You On?’ – for more versions of this classic song, check out Which Side podcast.

You can listen to a short (11 minute) version of this episode, which features our discussion on Trump and class, here: Who Are These People Who Voted for Trump?. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

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