Episode 124: ‘Borders – What’s up with that?’* Hitting Racism for Six with Tamil Eelam Cricket

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Nick is joined by Sarah Ross from the Refugee Rights Action Network and Kaliyugan Pathmanathan, Project Coordinator of Tamil Eelam Cricket. Cali had to leave Sri Lanka as a refugee to Australia himself and he co-founded this project in order to create a platform for the Tamil diaspora around the world to participate in national and international cricket competitions and also to bridge the gap between newly arrived Tamils in the local community and the pre-existing Tamil community.

We also discuss the importance of the voices of refugees in the movement for refugees, strategies for effective refugee activism and who is to blame for harsh policies towards asylum seekers?

Cali and Sarah also give some critiques of the counter movement against Reclaim Australia. For more critiques, check out Tad Tietze’s article ‘Tackling Reclaim Australia Requires More than a Good Shirt Fronting: So What to Do?’, Sanmita Verma’s article ‘Why Were Most of the Anti-Reclaim Australia Protestors White?’ and our 97th episode.

We finish by playing some of the panel discussion linking human rights, animal rights and environmentalism – featuring Nick, Sarah and Jeff Hansen from Sea Shepherd. We also discuss attitudes towards animals in human rights movements.

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Pussy RiotRefugees In’, Kaliyugan Pathmanathan on Tamil Eelam Cricket, Kaber Vasuki ‘Ulagathin Sondhakaran’, Panel discussion linking human rights, animal rights and environmentalism – featuring Nick, Sarah and Jeff Hansen from Sea Shepherd, M.I.A.Borders’.

You can listen to a short (8 minute) version of this episode, which features our discussion on refugee activism in Australia, below. You can subscribe to these short versions of our episodes through Omny.

*Quote from the M.I.A. song ‘Borders’, which we finished the episode with.

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