Episode 7: Indigenous Rights Protests on Invasion Day and Beyond

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

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Episode 7 covers Indigenous rights protests on Invasion Day, which were falsely demonised as “riots” in much of the media. We also look at an ongoing Indigenous rights protest in Perth – The Noongar Tent Embassy – which is standing up for Indigenous land rights. We interview Greg – an Indigenous rights activist who is part of The Noongar Tent Embassy. Other issues covered on this episode are the link between racism and Australian flags, personality over policies in the Labor leadership battle, and Bradley Manning could be sentenced to life in prison for harming no one.*

Book recommendation:

A Secret Country by John Pilger


ABC ‘Riot Police Rescue Gillard, Abbott from Protestors‘, Frenzal Rhomb ‘White World’, Ten News ‘Aboriginal Tent Embassy Part 2’, Marianne Mackay ‘Come Down to the Noongar Tent Embassy‘,  Lagwagon from the album ‘Live in a Dive’, The Juice MediaRAP NEWS 11: Australia Day (with Ken Oathcarn).

*Correction: As we discussed on episode 9, we apologise that on this episode we accidentally misinterpreted a news story and said that Bradley Manning had been sentenced to life in prison. The actual story was that his sentence will be life in prison, if he is found guilty. However, our general points on Bradley Manning and the case still stand.

  1. Eric says:

    Thanks for the shout out and I want to begin my comments on Bradly Manning with a quote from Howard Zinn “I start from the supposition that the world is topsy turvy. That things are all wrong. That the wrong people are in jail, and the wrong people are out of jail. That the wrong people are in power, and the wrong people are out of power.” The Bradly Manning cas is a perfect illustration of this quote and of everything that is wrong and unjust about the State. The man who exposes the horrific crimes of the State goes to jail and the men who committed those crimes go on book tours. I mean, what else is there to say, that says it all about the system we live in. Our attitude towards psychopathic serial killers should not be to jail them, it should be to get them into the army or the government. At least there they can do something productive for the sociopaths ruling the country. Our advice to psychopathic serial killers should be, “think big!” Don’t kill 10 people, what are you a girl, no be a man and send other people’s children to kill a million people. So to quote William Burrough’s great hatefilled poem against America “Thanks for the last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams.”
    Love you guys, Eric

  2. Hey Eric
    That is an awesome Howard Zinn quote! It really fits with the Bradley Manning situation. You really hit the nail with this point – the world is totally messed up with what is considered “good” (dying for “your” country) and “bad” (standing against injustice). Thanks for the comments, it’s always appreciated 🙂

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