Episode 1: Occupy Australia, Occupy the World

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

You can download this episode on MediaFire here.

In this, the very first episode of Progressive Podcast Australia, we look at the Occupy movement in Australia and beyond. Firstly, we respond to criticisms of the Occupy movement from right-wing journalist Andrew Bolt and others. We mention the United Nations report that pointed out that the richest 1% of adults alone own 40% of global assets and we also talk about inequality within Australia. Other issues we cover in the podcast include neoliberalism and inequality, people making fun of the protests online, anarchist-type communities at the Occupy’s, unity and diversity in the Occupy movement, the acknowledgement of other animals as victims of corporate greed, and direct action against the big corporate banks.

Sound clips:
– Intro with Hugh Laurie’s “Protest Song
– Clip from the show “Peep Show” – (Season 3, Episode 5)
Minor Threat “In My Eyes”
– Finish with Billy Talent “Turn Your Back”

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  1. Eric King says:

    I have listened to the first episode and I am so excited. I have been searching like crazy to find a show that talks about Anarchism but so far I have found one other than you guys. I don’t know if either or both of you are Anarchists but it doesn’t matter to me. Because, as an Anarchist, I sometimes feel that I am crazy because every message around me is a statist message. And almost no one talks about having to justify Authority or Domination, and no one thinks about it like Katie said “Everyone is an Archist, unless they say they are an Anarchist.” Archy and the state are taken for granted but they should not be. So thank you so much for talking about this, you have no idea how much it means to me.

  2. Eric King says:

    I have listened to your first episode and I already love the show. Thank you so much for talking Anarchism. I (as an Anarchist) have been searching all over the place for a podcast that talks about Anarchism and so far I have found two, yours and submedia.tv. As an Anarchist I sometime feel that I am crazy because everyone takes statism and Authority for granted, from the Capitalists to the Communists. But it is exactly like Katie said “Everyone is Archist, unless you say you are an Anarchist.” But almost no one thinks about it that way, they take the state for granted, it is basically a built in factor for 99% of political thinking (no pun intended). Thank you so much for voicing the views of many people who see Authority and Domination as absurd, you guys are amazing. You give a voice to the voiceless and it means so much to that I know I am not the only one who thinks like this about the State and Authority. And I will end with what Fred Hampton would say at the end of his speeches “All Power To The People.”

  3. Eric King says:

    so sorry I thought that the first comment disapeared, so sorry.

  4. Thanks a lot Eric, that’s so nice to hear! We hope to do an episode on Anarchy soon. There is also Audio Anarchy (http://www.audioanarchy.org/) although they just did readings of anarchist books and essays, rather than discussion. Thanks again for the lovely feedback 🙂 – Katie

  5. Eric King says:

    I know I love Audio Anarchy, I already have like five recordings from that website. Have you heard or read “Days of War Nights of love” because that is on Audio Anarchy and it is amazing. Oh and thank you for replying to my message, that is so nice of you. And on a funny note, before I listened to Citizen Radio I had no idea that there was anything going on in Australia. I mean I knew that things were probably happening but it just wasn’t in my political lexicon. So, here is to you guys and Citizen Radio for breaking my assumtion that Australia’s Congress and President were just a bunch of bouncing Kangaroos. Now I know that those Kangaroos also have terrible policies toward refugees. Sorry about the Kangaroo part I know you guys are probably really tired of hearing that.

    With much love, your comrade, Eric

  6. Yeah I listened to Days of War, Nights of Love – it was really interesting! Lots of inspiring stuff in there. Haha yeah I think a lot of people aren’t that aware of Australian politically – for the record there are many racists here! What I find funny is everyone talks about the whole “shrimp on the barbie” thing but literally no one says that. If you ever here someone talking ocker (Australian slang) then it’s probably the Prime Minister trying to appease the bogans (our version of rednecks) haha! Thanks so much for your comments, we really appreciate it, we’ll mention you on Episode 2 which we’re about to record 🙂

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